Monday, December 17, 2007

I'm Still Here...

I have obviously not been in blogger mode in the past...oh, 6 months! Here I am again. I remember this time last year I decided I had to put something up at Christmas. Something about the holidays makes me want everyone to see how the boys have grown this year.

We have had a great time ushering in this Christmas. I still have so much Christmas shopping to do for the boys, but I am certain I will get it done on time. Somehow I always do.

Just a little family update: Jordan is in 1st grade and Titus starts Kindergarten next year. We also have one more little boy who will be making his appearance into this family in April. We were totally surprised by this little baby and then to find out last month that we would have one more son...well, why would I even think something else? Of course, Jordan and Titus are so very excited that it is a boy...they really weren't looking forward to a whole room in our house being pink. So, we'll keep the reds/blues and enjoy all the boy stuff!

Here are some pictures of the boys I took for possible Christmas card pictures.

Merry Christmas!


Patrick said...

that last one is clutch...with jordan's "rock" signs going up. the middle one is great for a card.

you should blog more frequently. :-)

Mama said...

Oh I love these! I always check to see if you have written!!!

I want to hear how the White elephant party went!